hip hop / top 40 / electro / rock / reggae / 80s / r&b / house

In this memoir, successful turntablist DJ Shy narrates the story of how she became a sought-after DJ and the first female on-air mixer at the No. 1 radio station in America, 102.7 KIIS FM in Los Angeles.

Beauty and the Beats tells how this small-town girl from Pennsylvania made it to the big time in California. Shy describes how she - a poor, naïve, Asian girl from a broken home - overcame her life's challenges and the discrimination in the male-dominated music industry to thrive. From surviving a drive-by shooting and eluding midnight stalkers to being cheated on her paychecks, she shares her story and shows how she remained positive throughout her journey.

Providing a sneak peek into the music an entertainment industry, Beauty and the Beats provides motivation and inspiration to encourage teenagers to make sound career choices and follow their dreams to achieve happiness and success.